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Polanco Siberian Reserve

Polanco Siberian Reserve

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Butter and nut flavors of a caviar perfectly matured in original tins. Elegance and power.

Our farm of upstream floating cages located in such a pristine river, gives us a “wild raised” caviar.

Without a doubt this caviar is tasteful and one of the most complex products worldwide, full of character for expert palates looking for each and every sensation only genuine caviar can provide. Resulting from a craft know-how in the wild and natural conditions of our local environment it really highlights the genuine quality of caviar from the Acipenser Baerii.

Its eggs offer a delicate texture in your mouth with a lingering flavor and buttery notes, due to its maturing process handled carefully in 1.7 kg mother tins for 2 to 4 months before its final repacking just before delivery to our customers. Polanco® Siberian Reserve is a traditional dry salted caviar that will guarantee a real tasting pleasure and unique experience.

Polanco ® caviar is a real delicacy. The roes are extracted at its optimal maturation. To achieve this, each female is carefully selected using ultrasound. The delicate salting process of our own matured caviars allows complex expressions of its fine and long-lasting flavors on the palate.

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San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay


Acipenser Baerii

Common name

Siberian sturgeon


Ranging from grey to light brown


2.7 – 2.9 mm


Sturgeon roe & salt


Malossol technique. Using fossilized mine salt from the Andes mountains


Keep between 25 – 39 ° F




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